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Total Wine
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Mount Pleasant, Summerville
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East Bay Wine & Spirits
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To mix up the flavors
Our mimosas are made from real juice, and we’ve added just the right amount of bubbles to keep it fresh.


Open a Can of Deliciousness
It’s that simple… and convenient! We work hard so you don’t have to fuss with ingredients and mixing when you can be having fun.


Responsibly, of course
Have them on the beach, a boat, or the fairway. Enjoy them here, there, or anywhere… wherever you party or play. Not just for brunch anymore!

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Our Founders
Nick, Elizabeth & Jeremiah

Our Story

It was 2020. You know the story. The world literally goes batshit crazy, and our restaurant in Charleston, SC, just finished celebrating two years in business before everything gets shut down for a hot minute. Then the to-go orders started coming in strong. With that, our little breakfast nook had to keep up with the high demand for our house-made mimosas on tap.

Call it brilliance, or just survival, but necessity often gives birth to innovation. We began in-house canning just to keep up with orders until that wasn’t enough. Then after partnering with a co-packing facility, we are now moving some serious product. Available in all of SC and growing, you’ll find our drinks right alongside the tall, skinny spritzers and craft beers.

Sure, you can make a mimosa at home, but our customers would say that we just make them better and pretty convenient. All we know is that we just do our best to make drinks people love, and now there’s a lot more to go around!
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